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How Luxury Nasha Mukti Kendra Enhance Healing

Addiction is one of the hardest things to live through and even worse to overcome. It takes a lot of willpower, determination and self-control to overcome addiction. However, it is not possible for every individual to culminate this willpower. When addiction cannot be overcome, it leads to complications in life. To tackle such problems, an individual need to act and stand up for himself/herself.

Where does Addiction Originate From?

Past experiences in life and peer pressure are the primary reasons for a person to tread down this path. trauma might be a reason. People tend to seek escapism which they term "peace". This pursuit of "peace" never ends and the constant intake of "peace" leads to addiction.

Are Individuals Not Trying Enough?

Sometimes, individuals try to take a stand and fail. In other cases, their addiction does not let them take a step forward in life. the need for assistance is very high. But, most people choose not to ask for help loud. It roots deep into their psyche. The first thought that comes to the mind of an individual after listening to the word "Rehabilitation centre" is discomfort. Their fear and misinformation lead to a partial reality. Luxury Nasha Mukti Kendra are nothing of that sort.

What are luxury Nasha Mukti Kendras?

Luxury Nasha Mukti Kendra are rehabilitation centers which break the stereotypical perspective people have towards correctional facilities in India. Often resort-like and lavish, they provide assistance and recreation to the affected.

Why are Luxurious Facilities Better Healing Conditions?

Luxurious facilities incorporate nature with treatment to provide guaranteed results. Trained nurses take care of the patients and oversee the medication.

What makes Luxury Nasha Mukti Kendras Stand Out?

What makes Luxury Nasha Mukti Kendra different from usual rehabilitation centers is special therapy. There is comfort and enjoyment in every part of it. They take care of all the needs of patients. The healing process is the perfect blend of natural healing and modern medication.

Are Nurses Enough to Take Care of Patients?

In fact, nurses are enough to take care of but, not to tackle the disease. So, Luxury Nasha Mukti Kendras have a team of the world's finest psychiatrists and psychologists. These professionals empower and guide the patients every day with consistency. It ensures that the patient feels the constant push as he/she fights out of addiction. This enables them to take control of their senses and lead a healthy life.

Enhanced Healing At Luxury Nasha Mukti Kendra

There are obvious reasons why Luxury Nasha Mukti Kendra are better in the healing process.

  • They help people entangled in drug and alcohol addiction by helping them break free.

  • They are professionals and are strict, not unreasonable.

  • Psychiatrists and psychologists assess the patients' progress every day.

  • Every patient gets a personalized treatment plan and recovery roadmap.

  • They operate around peaceful natural surroundings for natural recovery.

  • They use many psychological and physiological therapy methods alongside medicines.

  • The multi-disciplinary approach helps patients recover faster.

Services At Luxury Nasha Mukti Kendra


Toxins in the body caused due to intoxication should be removed. Otherwise, it has long-term bad effects on the body. A regular dosage of prescribed medicines along with naturotherapy helps detoxify the body.


Every disease, including addiction, needs to be figured out first. Counseling helps reach the root of the problem. This gives therapists a ground to lay the foundation of treatment on. It helps clear many things including:

  • Causes of addiction

  • The guilt associated with addiction

  • Adaptive skill culmination

  • Emotional baggage issues

  • Spiritual health replenishment

Substance Abuse Counseling

People abuse substances under a fixed set of conditions. It is important to know under what condition a person consumes any kind of substance. Hostile environments and people should be identified. This helps create a healthier environment for the patient to recover. The therapists teach patients the coming mechanism as an alternative to substance abuse.

Drug De-Addiction Treatment

As preached by Kutumb Rehab, “NASHA MUKTI” and “STABLE MIND” are the only objectives of any center. Drugs are so addictive that users escalate over human logic and common sense. They lose control over themselves, putting themselves and the people around them into trouble. Victims of drug addiction receive special attention.

Alcoholism Treatment

Alcohol triggers liver-related problems and alcoholism triggers problems in life. excessive use of alcohol disembowel the way life functions. Alcoholics tend to stay awake until they are not asleep. Therapists plan a good diet plan and provide mindfulness-centered therapy.

Family Counselling And Therapy

With the progression of this century, disputes in families are increasing. This is an effect of the psychological impacts of family members' behaviour towards certain individuals. Family therapies are best because of the transparency. Therapists preach the importance of steady family interactions. They instil productive changes in family members as well.

Depression And Anxiety Management

Depression and anxiety come with a spectrum of responses varying from human to human. Some become more aggressive, while others become dull. There are also cases where people become clueless and remain lost most of the time.

Many people have suicidal thoughts rooted in depression and anxiety. Stress takes a toll on depressed people. Psychiatrists help people deal with it through medication and therapies. Psychodynamic therapy works best with regular counseling sessions.

Diabetes Management

Every disease, including addiction, comes with its problems. Diabetes is chronic and falters the body's metabolism. Substance abusers often suffer from diabetes. It degrades the natural healing process of the body. With proper medication and care, diabetes is treatable. It can be reversed and controlled through proper medication, awareness and diet.

Therapies At The Best Luxury Nasha Mukti Kendras

Relapse Prevention Therapy

Every addiction places people at the risk of relapse. However, it can be managed through cognitive behavioural therapy and medication. Placing a higher value and more effective coping mechanism helps a lot.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

CBT helps therapists learn the behavioural patterns of patients to identify trigger points. This is not a correctional therapy. It becomes a correctional therapy after incorporating it with other therapeutic techniques. It functions best with Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behaviour.

Rational Emotional Behaviour Therapy (REBT)

Patients experiencing the feeling of self-defeat can draw benefits from REBT. It helps them face their negative thoughts. people lie to themselves and the therapist shows them the reality in a subtle way, bringing changes.

Twelve-Step Facilitation Therapy

This therapy is best suited for alcohol and substance abusers. It takes the patient through a course of 12 actions with mental, physical, emotional and spiritual changes.

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

This therapy aims at knowing the sociological and anthropological impacts of the patient's addiction. The patient is then given ways in which they can manage their thoughts as well as belief systems.

The Inner Child Therapy

A hurt inner child torments an adult forever. It is extremely necessary to deal with issues that trigger responses, based on childhood experiences. Many patients tend to isolate themselves from their families in such cases. It does not only recover the patient but also recovers his family relations.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga has a tremendous psychological and physiological impact. Any person can live a happier life by adding yoga to their lifestyle. Patients already affected by a negative lifestyle can use it to improve their sleep cycle. Most of the drugs and alcohol make people dull and claustrophobic. Yoga makes them feel active and refreshed.

Art Therapy

Creativity gives a person freedom of expression. Patients addicted to alcohol and drugs could find an abode of peace in art, music or acting. Expressing grief and other human emotions tends to work great for most people.

Animal Therapy

Animals are great emotional support beings. This is why most Luxury Nasha Mukti Kendra have emotional support animals like dogs and cats. They are assigned to highly anxious patients as they are very comforting.


Many factors should be taken into account before choosing the right Luxury Nasha Mukti Kendra. The list of criteria varies depending on the patient's needs. But, the more qualities and services it offers, the better.

Top Luxury Nasha Mukti Kendras in the country offer more than the services and therapies mentioned above. The locations they are situated at possess eye-catching sceneries. Nature soothes better than all. There are beautiful architectural designs that astound onlookers.

Patients, with time, will be better at expressing themselves and dealing with addiction. It is a fact that luxury rehabs are better peace and recreation providers. Some of them deal with it in a holistic way, making it an enriching experience.

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